Awakening Through Change

Awakening Through Change

The nature of life is change. And, the more we strive to keep things the same, the greater the changes seem to be. Nothing lasts forever. We only need to visit any cemetery to get a fresh reminder of the transient nature of our existence. Economies and industries rise and fall. Remember Kodak film? How about the local industries of Talon zippers and, more recently, Tool and Die? Even Chiropractic is not immune to change. It is a given that, at some point in time, in each one of our lives, we will all experience the bitter taste of failure as well as the savory sweetness of success; the vulnerability of weakness as well as the gift of inner strength; the fragility of illness as well as the radiance of health; the emptiness of abandonment as well as the nourishment of love; the paralyzing effects of fear as well as the faith-building effects of courage; the poverty of ignorance as well as the well-spring of new knowledge. Of course, we all hope to spend most of our days on the right-hand side of this equation, basking in abundant success, strength, health, love, courage and knowledge. However, the only guarantee in life is that NOTHING is guaranteed!


Sometimes, the best that we can hope for is to first learn to truly love ourselves, as we already are, and then to love everyone else, as we have learned to love ourselves. Perhaps that is the greatest gift we can give, to ourselves and to others. After all, if we are all made in the image and likeness of God, as it tells us in Genesis 1:27, coming to a full recognition and appreciation of who we, and others, really are, is an awakening of the highest magnitude. And just maybe, as more and more of us awaken, the anguish felt by those cycling through failure, weakness, illness, abandonment, fear and ignorance could be better buffered and utilized for transformative awakening of society as a whole instead of as a soul-crushing sense of defeat and hopelessness.


When any one of us falls, we all fall. But, when any one of us awakens, we all awaken. We are all connected to one another, whether we recognize it yet or not. If you find yourself on the left-hand side of this equation, know that you are not alone AND that there is always the light of dawn after the dark night. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself on the right-hand side of this equation, give thanks for your abundance AND look for others to share it with. As always, Always Believe In Your Dreams!!!


By Dr. Jon M. Ketcham


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