Confessions of an Expert

The 2 Truths Every Expert, Guru, Influencer, Speaker, Coach, Consultant & Mentor Know But Won’t Likely Tell You (but probably should!):


  • I am not an expert. (and neither is anyone else who claims to be!)

In fact, the more I learn about EVERYTHING, the less, I come to realize, I know about ANYTHING. The only thing I can ever truly profess to be an expert on is my own life. I am free to interpret and give meaning to my own life experiences, but even that is highly subjective and, therefore, debatable. Any help I offer you is going to be based, at best, upon my own life experiences, which may or may not work for your particular circumstances.


  • You don’t actually need my help. (or anyone else’s either!)

Suggesting otherwise robs you of your innate connection to Divinity. You could figure out the answers to everything that you are seeking on your own. You already have everything you think you need within your own reach, within yourself, if only you could silence the outside noise of life and listen to the wee small voice within. All any expert can ever hope to accomplish, at best, is to re-kindle your inner fire and re-connect you with your own inner guidance.

You Don't Need A Bribe To Join My Tribe...

No whiz-bang reports. No "Secret" Strategies. I won't beg and cajole you. Just an invitation...Come, let's walk this journey called "life" together. Once a month or so, you'll get an update with insights and excerpts of our journey. Go ahead, make it official.. Let's walk this journey as one.