Gift Wish For You

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Viktor  Frankl survived four concentration camps during the Holocaust of WWII not by taking any specific actions, per se, but through the power of his mind. He realized that, no matter what the reality of his outer experience was, no one could make him feel something he chose not to feel. Instead, he focused his attention on visualizing himself as a successful psychotherapist in high demand for his speeches. Furthermore, he chose to look for and focus only on the positives that he could find in daily camp life. This was no small task, I’m sure. However, he knew that the only other option was to give up all hope and turn belly up to the harsh realities all around him. He also knew that this would most assuredly mean imminent death for he watched this very scenario play out before him every single day!


I look all around me and I am truly humbled by the multitude of blessings before me! Eleven years ago today (on April 30, 2001), I was hooked up to the ventilator, hovering between life and death, following a ruptured appendix two days prior that had turned to peritonitis and gone septic. EVERY breath I get to take is such sweet nectar! I am profoundly thankful for EVERYTHING in my life today including the bill collectors, auditors, naysayers and critics (many of whom I once called “friends and family”). Getting to interact with all of them means I’m still standing!!!


May you all be blessed to come to a realization of what a magnificent gift every moment we have truly is!


Dr. Jon M. Ketcham

Author iContractor 1 & Dream re-Kindler to Earth-bound Travelers of Light

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