iContractor 1…Constructing Your Perfect Life By Remodeling YOU From The Inside-Out!

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Praise for “iContractor 1…”


  • “Unlike many who write in the success, Law of Attraction or personal development genres, this author goes right into the rugged truth about how it is to experience life as anything but shiny and comfortable.”
  • “What I appreciate most is the perspective of the author, though. “My story is truly an underdog story,” Jon begins. That’s a story I can relate to — and I think we all can.”
  • “The bibliography is a curriculum for self discovery in its own right.”
  • “perfect for someone who is new to the Law of Attraction principles and so refreshing to someone who has been on this path for a while.”
  • “chock full of straightforward and easy to follow guidance on how to create your own wonderful life.”
  • “I am keeping this book on hand as one of my go-to “pick a page, any page” books of daily wisdom and guidance.”
  • “You can’t turn the page without finding more and more great reminders of how to create your life as you desire it.”
  • “a powerhouse of on-target principles and how-to tactics for an inside-out personal remodeling that gets real-world results.”
  • “His “Safety Pin Cycle” metaphor is brilliant and clearly conveys how to realize your dreams.”
  • “This book was amazing! It actually gave me a step-by-step action plan for applying and USING the Law of Attraction. It filled in some gaps that The Secret missed for me.”
  • “It is a perfect read for me right now in my time of struggle”
  • “perfect inspirational and a fantastic self-help book for anyone who is looking to better their life.”
  • “I couldn’t put it down… it was a very good book.”
  • “OMG I got the book and I dug right into it… just couldn’t put it down.”
  • “you make it very clear.”
  • “This book was so great to read.”
  • “What makes Dr. Jon Ketcham’s book compelling is his honesty.”


Bob Bare says, “You’ve brought things out of the mystical and into the practical!”

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