dr. ketcham offers hope to the hopeless & helps the broken re-kindle their dreams.
He was in private practice as a chiropractor for 20 years & contributed a quarterly philosophy column to his hometown newspaper, The Meadville Tribune (circ. 12,000), in the Active for Life supplement, from 2009 until 2013. His articles were very well received and are also available by following Doc’s Blog.

However, when it comes right down to it, he is the first to acknowledge, “I am nobody, no better, no worse than anybody else. I am just doing the best I can with the resources I find before me, just like everybody else.” In fact, rather than puffing out his chest and touting his credentials, he prefers the simple title of “jon.”

Much like Job from the Bible, jon has known more than his fair share of adversity and misfortune. Having gone broke 3X within 4 years, nearly dying from a life-threatening illness and skirting perilously close to homelessness, he immersed himself into a decade-long study of personal development and success that included reading over 100 classic works, repeatedly listening to more than two dozen audio programs and watching over a dozen videos. He was then able to turn his life around and build the “waiting-list” chiropractic practice of his dreams, only to have his entire livelihood completely evaporate following sweeping insurance company reductions in Pennsylvania in 2012 that took most of the fun and ALL of the viability out of private practice. By documenting his journey into hell & back, he leaves a trail of light to illuminate the way out for others still lost in the abyss of darkness.

jon is available to speak to anyone, groups and individuals, in search of a means of weathering the storms of life!

jon is also the author of the iContractor book series, having published 3 books to date:






Available WORLDWIDE!

Available WORLDWIDE!

iContractor 3 – The Golden Role – Just Be Nice!


iContractor 2.0 – The “Zero’s Journey” – A Modern-day Survival Guide to Weathering Accidental Enlightenment


iContractor 1… Constructing Your Perfect Life by Remodeling YOU from the Inside-Out!



Offering up his own struggles with multiple bankruptcies, near fatal illness and imminent homelessness as examples of overcoming adversity, he provides his audience with real-life, workable plans and action steps for living the life of their dreams. His presentations are based upon all three of his books, and will leave your audience members excited about their own capabilities, their career, their company, their personal life and their goals.

While lots of  speakers can get your audience worked up, dr. ketcham follows through with real-world, workable strategies and templates for putting all of that motivation into action so that your audience members are fully equipped to achieve their goals… and weather the inevitable storms of life…while awakening to loving compassion for themselves and others!