Myths – Ideas – Possibilities – Imagining A Kinder, Gentler Tomorrow

Myths-Ideas-Possibilities – Imagining a Kinder, Gentler Tomorrow


If you repeat a fairy tale often enough, and with enough conviction, it starts to look and feel like an apparent truth to the masses, even though it is still false.


Everyone knows that like attracts like.


When you Google “Law of Attraction”, it brings up more than 16 million results! The Law of Attraction 1st gained notoriety through the New Thought movement during the late 1800s. Its defining Core belief is that: like attracts like.

  • Like Thoughts…
  • Like Feelings/Emotions…
  • Like Actions…
  • …All go out into the ethers and somehow magnetize similar back unto themselves.

2° to this 1° belief is a belief in the existence & prevalence of lack, hence the “need” to attract in the 1st place.


But, what if EVERYTHING the Law of Attraction is based upon is false? Not only false, but dangerous. Deadly, even!


Nowhere in the natural world does “like attract like.” …NOWHERE!


Take the world described by the laws of Physics, for example:

  • With Magnets
    • Like poles repel one another while opposite poles attract.
  • With Electricity
    • Like and opposite charges behave similarly.
  • The laws of Biology, Chemistry & Physiology are much the same:
    • Solutes dissolved in solution diffuse from high concentrations to low concentrations [opposites moving toward each other] until a state of equilibrium is reached [likes, side by side] at which point nothing further occurs.


  • Thus… suggesting the existence of a Law of Attraction, where like attracts like, is actually promoting a perversion of known natural laws!


Maybe it’s not about what you are “attracting” to you. What if it’s more about what you are 1st putting out there that ultimately gets reflected back to you? Like may not attract like, but like DOES reflect like!


Think of a smile. If you go out into the world trying to “attract” a smile, all the while frowning, you won’t likely see very many smiles. In fact, you’ll probably frighten people. But, if you go out and just smile, genuinely, at others, even if your teeth are not your own, many will smile back at you, reflecting your smile back to you from multiple directions.


Now, at first glance, you might say to yourself, “Law of Attraction…Law of Reflection, what’s the big deal anyways? It’s just semantics, right? Aren’t they saying the same thing?” Actually, not really, not even close!


Imagine shining a flashlight at a mirror in a darkened room. What gets reflected back to you is based solely upon the entirety of what you initially shone out or emitted. Your light was whole to begin with!


Numerous highly revered, sacred and spiritual teachings speak of our innate wholeness, in direct defiance to any suggestion of lack.

  • In the Bible,
  • According to the Book of Luke, Chapter 17, Verse 21
    • The kingdom of God is within you.
  • Psalm 23 states:
    • I shalt not want…my cup runneth over.
  • Similarly, in the Bhagavad Gita,
  • According to the Eighteenth Teaching, verse 61, Lord Krishna states,
    • The lord resides in the heart of all creatures.
  • In the Eighteenth Teaching, verse 78, Sanjaya continues,
    • Where Krishna is…there do fortune, victory, abundance…exist.
  • And, according to Tibetan Buddhist precepts,
    • The secret wisdom of the Dzogchen teaches us that whatever we are looking for, it is always right here…what we seek, we already are.


  • Thus…because of its reliance upon the existence and prevalence of lack, the LoA is actually committing sin against numerous holy doctrines!


And yet, the Law of Attraction persists, despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary, spreading like a cancer throughout all facets of society.


As it has approached an almost cult-like fervor, it has devolved into a mainstream, propagandized approach for people to feel good about themselves and the pursuit of their own selfish whims, while completely divorcing themselves from the plight of others. It promotes judgment and intolerance under the guise of empathy, an awareness of the plight of others (so one does not attract similarly), yet it is totally devoid of compassion, actually caring about the plight of others. Labeling people as: failures, losers & low-lifes; infidels, low-resonators & non-believers; savages, sinners & terrorists, enables empathy while simultaneously inoculating against compassion: “they got what they deserve,” “they attracted it,” making it OK for others to suffer because of their erroneous ancestry, heritage or race; for their faulty beliefs, orientation or actions; for not having a sincere enough pumpkin patch; for not conforming to a feather like the rest of the flock. Such mass hysteria fuels our flock-like instincts, triggering distrust, anger, blame, and condemnation of any who are seen as being of a different feather.


So, how do we move from judgment & intolerance è To making it better? …From How can I avoid? To How can I help?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says, “Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become as he can and should be.” Perhaps this is the highest and noblest use of the Law of Reflection. Whatever we emit is mostly what gets reflected back to us. Likewise, we mostly reflect back to others whatever they have previously emitted. However, we can override our “reflective” tendency by intentionally choosing to recognize the Divinity within others, even those not yet aware of it within themselves, and reflect that back to them instead! In doing so, by loving the unlovable, we give others glimpses, perhaps for the first time in their lives, glimpses of their own Divinity, their own true nature, and enable them to live in to it thus up-leveling all of humanity.


Those contaminated by the Law of Attraction live in a world populated and ruled by:



Now, imagine a world populated and ruled by practitioners of the Golden Rule instead; where people treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. I already know which world I would rather live in. How about you?


jon m ketcham

Offering hope to the hopeless & helping the broken re-kindle their dreams


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