New Year’s Greeting for 2017

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What a year 2016 has been! As I convalesce from yesterday’s abdominal surgery, I look back sorrowfully upon several final goodbyes that took place this year: Suey, one of my wife’s pet roosters (R.I.P. 3/16/16); Angel Larry, my daughter’s first pet cat (R.I.P. 6/12/16); Wilbur P. Puppyman, my Bassett Hound & sidekick (11/11/16); and Ketcham Chiropractic, my chiropractic practice and originally chosen livelihood these past 20 years (closed 12/19/16). Additionally, this year I suffered being rejected 7X by 4 separate TEDx events where I had hoped to share my message of loving compassion with others.


And yet, as I look forward to 2017, I am filled with a sense of hope for all that can still be and a profound sense of gratitude for all that I still possess, not the least of which are my health, my family and my friends, Facebook & LinkedIn communities included.


Thank you each and every one of you for all you still do. Here’s to a great New Year in 2017! Always Believe In Your Dreams



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