Re-thinking Jesus: Spiritual Food for Thought

Why did Jesus hang out primarily with the broken? Prostitutes, convicts, homeless and poor people were the ones he spent the majority of his time with. Conventional wisdom and Christian tradition throughout the millennia have suggested that Jesus ‘ministered’ to those most in need of saving.


However, much like how, in times of war, history is interpreted and written by the victors, what if the above referenced viewpoint is merely the outside-in interpretation of the survivors, spectators and general population, from that time period as well? If you do not think this happens, just ask the Native Americans who the real savages were during the settling of America. It may be called blasphemous but what if, just once, we used our God-given ability to think for ourselves rather than just accepting carte blanche the interpretations of others passed down throughout the ages?


What if Jesus hung out with the broken because, being spiritually awakened to loving compassion himself, or what some might call enlightened, he was most likely to ‘get’ them, in spite of their current situation AND, being broken, they were most likely to be enlightened themselves, because of their current situation, and thus, able to ‘get’ him as well? Let’s be honest here, in Jesus time period, if anyone was truly in need of saving, it was the religious and political leaders, the Pharisees, much more so than those he chose to hang out with. The religious and political leaders would also have given him much more bang for his buck, so to speak, in terms of mass influence at the time. Maybe Jesus did not ‘minister’ so much as ‘flock’ with like-minded souls. Maybe we have gotten him wrong all these centuries?

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